x: shoot your shot

z: reload

The ting go skrrrra

pap pap cla cla cla


and the br br brrr boom

skyyya du du ku ku du doom

poom poom

idk why you're still reading but 

the kids' danger level ranges between 300-450

the drones are A+ and gives you 1,000

the green gems gives you more aim

the red gems reverse the green gem's effect

the bananas are for the space gorilla to eat

also blue bullet packs fall sometimes to give you more ammunition...


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gr8t out of 8

Very cool!
Awesome HaraTitle.

It's pretty hard to see how many bullets you have left though. Someone had to point it out to me. Maybe put a shadow?

how many years have you been working on this game?? o_O



That's pretty fancy


game its awesome

Nice game!
Very polished 5/7